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Relationship Master Coach,

Author, Podcaster, and Speaker


Danyell Adamski, Avid Fisherwoman, Mother of 2, 
Relationship Master Coach, Author, Podcaster, and Speaker

Brief Bio: 

I’ve worked with plenty of brilliant and super-successful people. CEOs and CFOs who feel like they’ve got this self-esteem thing down.  They think they are already “there”… But they are not quite “there”—because home life is not the boardroom, and you can’t run a marriage like a corporation. Their relationships start to fray. There’s pain, disconnection, maybe infidelity. Suddenly, everything falls apart.

But for me, that’s when everything begins.

As an MBA and engineer turned relationship coach, I’ve saved hundreds of marriages—even from the brink of divorce—by helping type A personalities just like mine reach inner mastery. With a combination of practical problem-solving paired with spiritual tools and tactics, I help clients see through the limiting stories that aren’t serving them, so they can leave behind the ego and enter a place of knowing, confidence and peace. My joy is to say to them, “I see you; let me show you the thinking that created the problems—and how to transform.”




Full Bio

Danyell Adamski, Avid Fisherwoman, Mother of 2, 
Relationship Master Coach, Author, Podcaster, and Speaker

I didn’t start off my self-awareness journey as a relationship master. I began as a relationship disaster.

Or so I told myself. For years, I struggled to understand who I was and why I repeatedly made decisions that created years of sadness and the loss of relationships that mattered deeply to me. 

My feelings of frustration, anger, and blame were overwhelming.  I blamed my spouse, my job, and my brother’s death for all of my problems. 

I spent years with 4 different therapists spilling my guts and praying that they could fix me.  Nothing seemed to make the inner pain go away.  Finally, after years of inner turmoil, I gave up and filed for a divorce. 

When I started dating again, I hoped for a fresh start. What I found were the same frustrations and stuck patterns.

On the verge of another failed relationship, I made a decision: I was going to take a good look in the mirror because the common denominator in my relationship disasters was me.  

I was going to find myself, and create a path to the loving, passionate, peaceful relationship I’d dreamed I could have but thought it was out of reach.

As a business person with an MBA and an engineer, I believed in education, I believed in problem-solving.  If I could just find the right formulas, plug in the right resources, tap the best experts, I could find a way through to the harmony, balance, and self-acceptance I was craving—a way to show up as my best and highest self, so I could more authentically love the people in my life.

I began a journey of self-discovery that led me to uncover my blind spots, free my limiting beliefs, restore my sense of peace and worthiness, and abolish the anger that had plagued me for so long. 

So I dove in. Personal Leadership programs. Self-help books. Mindset research. Hypnosis. Hired a Mentor. Coursework. I embarked on countless hours of training, learning about interpersonal skills, laws of the universe, Buddhism, emotional freedom tapping, meditation and mindfulness, and inner family systems therapy. 

I tried everything; I became my own guinea pig, keeping what was effective, what resonated and felt good, throwing away the rest. And I noticed something amazing. 

Something was missing: My anger and depression. 

The part of me that had been a constant companion, sabotaging my connection and keeping me from relationship success—had faded. Gone. 

I’d developed a growth mindset, and learned to guard that mindset diligently. Positive feelings replaced the angry outbursts, frustration, and gloom. Acceptance became a new normal, as I let go of and forgave my past and began to live my life again. 

A life of purpose, direction, and happiness. 

And with that: Love and Inner Peace!

I watched my relationship with Larry slowly transform before my eyes. My partner seemed so different—attentive, patient, loving, passionate, and kind.  We got married a few years later and we now share a marriage full of appreciation. One where respect rules, playfulness permeates and fights are pretty much non-existent. 

But I didn’t change him. What had changed—completely, permanently, profoundly—was me.

That was the birth of my Inner Mastery system—a hard-won, tried and true strategy full of impactful lessons, actionable strategies, tactics, and tools that allow you to transform your relationship by working on the one thing you can control: You.  

As a Dating and Relationship coach, I’ve been helping clients find their way to resilience and inner peace for 4 years with 90% positive results.  The skills I’ve practiced over 22 years finally became second nature and has helped me to lead hundreds of people to better understand themselves, find happiness with their spouse, or attract the love of their life. 

My program isn’t for everyone, and I’m honest about this. Not everyone is ready to dive in and commit to 8-12 weeks of daily work and introspection. Some of the lessons challenge our identity and deeply held beliefs. Some might feel awkward or strange as they nudge us out of our patterns and comfort zones. But I can say with confidence that these are the best of the best tactics and strategies that I’ve used to create major transformation in my own life, and the lives of those I coach. 

I work with people leaders like me: smart, motivated, and educated people who are frustrated and bewildered that somehow our lives have led us down a road to relationships that are so much less than we hoped and dreamed they would be. We know there has to be something we’re missing. We know things can be so much better. 

If you’re willing to commit to letting go of the beliefs that have held you back, willing to dive deep and explore how mindset works, learn the tools to positive communication, the scientific ways to undo limiting beliefs, and the laws of the universe then I’m confident I can help you not just recapture the relationship you desire. 

I can help you recapture you. 





I will help you by sharing
the system that worked for me.

You’ll gain insight into who you are
and what you want out of life.

 You’ll be able to heal from your past
and live in the present.

Your happiness and confidence will increase.

You’ll be able to manifest your desires.

You’ll be able to have the relationship
of your dreams.

Over the Years I’ve Developed A Repuation For..

…Helping couples and individuals create lasting transformation in their life.  I’ve been able to create positive results in my clients using my stacked approach to learning.  I must confess: My coaching style isn’t for everyone. I’m only open to working with people that are committed, coachable, and immediately ready to work hard to achieve results that will last a lifetime. 


Lofty promises? Nope! All of these promises are achievable if you do the work (did you think I could do the work for you?).

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I’ve got an MBA and a BSEE, so I’ve spent my share of time studying and working in corporate America.  Here’s what I know for sure…successful people like you don’t have time to waste on strategies that can’t produce results.  People like you with high standards come to expect results.  For me to make a lasting transformation in your life in the shortest amount of time, you’re going to need to follow my proven step-by-step training.  It’s designed specifically for high achievers who are short on time but are committed (not just interested) in achieving their dream relationship and life.        

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My clients aren’t average people.  They are exceptional at what they do for a living and we help them become exceptional at getting what they want, whether that is their soulmate, a harmonious marriage, or a new passion. 

Danyell works with a handful of private clients who she coaches.  When you work with Danyell you will become an expert in self-awareness and relationships.