Meet Danyell Adamski

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Meet Danyell Adamski

Hello, love.
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Author, Self-Awareness Expert and Relationship Healer.

In the past, I’ve struggled to understand who I was and why I repeatedly made decisions that created years of sadness, so I spent countless hours reading self-help books and spilling my guts to 4 different therapists.


My Superhero Strength Is…
My Deep Self-Awareness.


After my painful divorce, I had to work extremely hard to get to where I am emotionally at today.   To save you from all the drama, I’ll get to the point…I was able to bounce back from divorce by discovering myself.

I developed a growth mindset, which means that I learned to accept my new reality, let go of the crap that happened in the past, and live my life again.  With more purpose, direction, and happiness.

I have finally figured out how to adjust my sail and navigate treacherous waters (figuratively of course).  I’ve come to trust my inner compass; my higher self to lead the way for me.

What fuels me is my desire to share all the self-help, personal development, and inner mastery skills that I’ve practiced over the course of 22 years to help others who are struggling to understand themselves, find happiness with their spouse, or attract the love of their life.


I will help you by sharing
the system that worked for me.

You’ll gain insight into who you are
and what you want out of life.

 You’ll be able to heal from your past
and live in the present.

Your happiness and confidence will increase.

You’ll be able to manifest your desires.

You’ll be able to have the relationship
of your dreams.

Over the Years I’ve Developed A Repuation For..

…Helping couples and individuals create lasting transformation in their life.  I’ve been able to create positive results in my clients using my stacked approach to learning.  I must confess: My coaching style isn’t for everyone. I’m only open to working with people that are committed, coachable, and immediately ready to work hard to achieve results that will last a lifetime. 


Lofty promises? Nope! All of these promises are achievable if you do the work (did you think I could do the work for you?).

What Are You Waiting For?

My Programs Get Results, And Here’s Why

I’ve got an MBA and a BSEE, so I’ve spent my share of time studying.  Here’s what I know for sure…successful people don’t like wasting time.  They want results and they want them NOW.  For me to make a lasting transformation in your life in the shortest amount of time, you’re going to need to follow my proven step-by-step training.  It’s designed specifically for people that are short on time but are committed (not just interested) in achieving their dreams.       

Online Course

1 On 1 Coaching Calls


Group Coaching


Commitment & Accountability

Emotional Support

Virtual Retreats

If you’re sick and tired of how your life is going
and you’re wondering if it’s really possible to
have the life of your dreams…



I’m certain that if you have the courage to trust me, I’m certain that
I can help you attract your soulmate, reclaim your marriage, or become your highest self.