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Danyell is a god sent! From the first day talking to her, she really gets you motivated to push on.  She is loving and wants the best for her clients and she does succeed

– Amanda, PA


I’ve worked with other mentors and Danyell is by far the most authentic and committed. I finally made the breakthrough that I needed to heal a lot of my past.

– Diane, OH


Danyell helped my marriage tremendously.  I came to Danyell broken hearted and unable to forgive my husband. Today, my marriage is healed. 

– Beth, MI


My wife and I have been back together for almost a year now. I think our call gave me some insight into what I needed to do on my end to change our relationship. Thanks for the call and for following up with me.

– Will R. 


Thank you for what you do. I’ve been in counseling for two years, love it! What you are teaching is exactly what my counselor is working with me on. I love your material. And thank you so much for the links. I will definitely listen to them.  After watching your webinar I already see changes in my behavior. It’s so powerful.

– Lisa G.


Thank you for following up with me we are doing great

– Vanessa B. 

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