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Who this call is for:

1.) Career professionals or retirees who are ready to transform themselves and their marriage.

2.) You’re a Type A woman who is ready to put in the work and invest in yourself.

3.) You are committed to your call at the time that you select below. 

This is a life-changing opportunity and it may be the most valuable time you’ve EVER spent working on yourself and your marriage. 

Spots are very limited!

Please only book an appointment if you want to truly transform your marriage.  We’re on a mission to save 10,000 marriages (every woman matters to us).  


Danyell is a god sent! From the first day talking to her, she really gets you motivated to push on.  She is loving and wants the best for her clients and she does succeed

– Amanda, PA


I’ve worked with other mentors and Danyell is by far the most authentic and committed. I finally made the breakthrough that I needed to heal a lot of my past.

– Diane, OH


Danyell helped my marriage tremendously.  I came to Danyell broken hearted and unable to forgive my husband. Today, my marriage is healed. 

– Beth, MI