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Become your HIGHEST self


Become Your Highest Self

Inner mastery Webinar

Have you climbed the proverbial ladder of success and feel dissatisfied, disconnected, and empty inside?

Are you ready to free yourself from any negative feelings that rob you of your happiness and abundance?

Are you ready to dream big and create a new perspective on who you are and what you are truly capable of?  

Are you ready to live in alignment with your highest self – the best version of you that is possible?

Are you being nudged by the universe and you have been ignoring it and hoping that it will go away?

 If YES, join me in redesigning your life, relationships, and purpose to live your best life in alignment with your soul and become the happiest person you know.  


The predictable, STEP-BY-STEP METHOD to help you make ROCK SOLID decisions that you won’t regret.


How to STOP living someone else’s dream and START living your own! 


The FASTEST and EASIEST method to UPLEVELING your relationships, career, and finances.


How to LET GO and FORGIVE yourself for the mistakes you may have made in the past. 


How to REDISCOVER your TRUE SELF and let go of FEAR.  

Take the steps towards becoming the highest you today!

Inner Mastery group 


All outer rewards come from learning to master your inner world.  This program is for leaders or business owners who have chased success and know that they are not living in alignment with their soul’s desires. 

This often shows up in emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy, bitterness, hurt, grief-stricken, guilt, or shame.   

If you feel like you are stuck or you’ve hit a wall, this program is for you.   Danyell works with a select number of private clients to coach them on stepping into their highest self. 


Danyell taught me tools to begin rebuilding myself, repairing all the emotional damage done and work towards becoming a better version of myself.

– Kara, SC

Ready to Rise Up and Become Your Highest Self?