Do you ever feel like someone has hijacked your emotions and you are just along for the ride?  Danyell’s book details her journey to emotional freedom by having a growth mindset.  

She shares how anyone can gain mastery over their mind, body, and spirit 
and unshackle the chains that bind us to lower emotions.  This easy to read page turner
will set you on 
the path to happiness and freedom. 

Manifest Your Dream Marriage Journal

If you’ve ever wanted to be your best self and create your ideal dream relationship using secrets from the law of attraction, then you are in the right place. “Manifest Your Dream Marriage Journal” is an 84-day journal specifically designed to help you manifest your dream relationship.

Each day you will be guided to manifest your dream relationship with the exact steps that I’ve used to help hundreds of clients create the relationship of their dreams even if they have struggled in the past or on the verge of a divorce or breakup. The best part of the journal is that you will start reaching your goals faster than you thought possible. You can expect to gain clarity, purpose, set goals, and feel more joyful, peaceful, and passionate.

Marriage Mastery Course Workbook

If you and your partner want to increase your joy, peace, and passion or your marriage is in a crisis like an affair, separation, or on the verge of divorce, The 12 Week Marriage Mastery Course Workbook is the companion workbook to Danyell’s exclusive12 Week Marriage Mastery Program.

The Marriage Mastery Workbook contains 12 Weeks of thought-provoking exercises to dig deep and get to the root of issues, take radical accountability, and transform your marriage from crisis to thriving in less time than you ever thought possible.