5 Simple Shifts Type A Women Use to Communicate Like Best Friends and Save Your Marriage in 6 Weeks (or less)

(even if your husband won't try marriage counseling again)


Danyell Adamski

Relationship Master Coach

Hi, I've helped hundreds of couples save their marriage by teaching them how to communicate like best friends again and get back to having more joy, peace, and passion in their marriage. I'm the author of "The Power of a Growth Mindset, the Journey to Emotional Freedom, " and the founder of Inner Mastery School where I teach my clients how to be their best self to be happier than they ever thought possible.

  • 1
    How my clients are turning around their marriage in 6 weeks (or less) by practicing just a few skills for 10 minutes / day. 
  • 2
    How to create joy, peace, and passion without rehashing the past or wasting time in therapy. 
  • 3
    Why talk therapy hasn't solved the problems in your marriage and the simple steps to get back to communicating like best friends again, even if your husband has been hard to talk to. 
  • 4
    How to forgive and get over the past, no matter how much has gone before, how many angry words have been said, or how much hurt may have been caused.
  • 5
    How to get back to being that happy, carefree couple, looking forward to the future, even if right now that feels impossible.
  • 6
    How to stop overthinking, being anxious, and feeling hurt and get back to being romantic and intimate again.  
  • 7
    Why focusing on what YOU can control will magnetically increase your husband's inner desire to want to work on your marriage again.

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