1.) Master Self-Awareness

As a self-awareness expert, I believe that self-awareness is the beginning of wisdom.  The truth is that even if you think you are self-aware, there is a lot you probably don’t know about yourself unless you’ve spent time with a self-awareness coach.   Once you master self-awareness and eliminate what is holding you back from living your dream life you can move on to the next step. 

2.) Master The Story of Your Higher Self

Stop listening to what other people think about you, especially people that barely know you.  Stop listening to the voices in your head that are your voice of your parents, friends, employees, etc.   What matters most is what you believe about yourself and the way you think about yourself from the highest version of you.   

If your stories are disempowering and not expansive, that’s the ego talking to you.  The stories you should be listening to will expand you and lift your vibration up high.   These will be the stories that will help you to live your dream relationship.

3.) Master Loving Yourself

This is huge!  I can not stress this enough because even if you think you are loving yourself as much as possible, I know after years of working with high-achievers that there is an inner child that is desperately wanting to be loved.   I know this because Inner Child Healing is one of my superpowers. 

I help people heal from deep inner child wounds and hurts.  This part of my profession is the most rewarding and exciting part for me because people are so shocked by the inner child and what she/he has to say and what she/he is trying to do to help you. 

It amazes me how few people spend time studying and healing their inner child, which is why it’s such an integral part of my programs.   When you heal your inner child, the old stories began to lose their power.   Loving yourself means loving all of you at all stages of your life.  It also means letting go of the judgment that you are carrying around about yourself (you may not even realize you’re doing this). 

It means forgiving yourself for any wrongdoing or any actions you took that brought you out of your soul’s purpose. 

4.) Master Your Gifts

You have soul given talents that you just need to step into.  When you step into what will fuel your soul the excitement and passion for life will come back to you.  

Mastering your gifts is also about being in your highest self.  It’s about showcasing what makes you unique and let the world witness the radiance of who you are and what your purpose is on this planet.  

People are magnetized to people that don’t care about what others think and they live in their authentic self.

5.) Master Finding Your Tribe

I’ve had mentors most of my adult life and it’s been a blessing to be around amazing individuals.  You are the company that you keep and if you are surrounding yourself with negativity or small thinkers, you’ll end up thinking similarly.  

They say the tide raises all boats and I believe that if you are around people that are movers and shakers in your career, why not surround yourself with people that have full-on exciting and passionate marriages.  

When you surround yourself with a tribe of people that encourage you to be your best self in your relationship, you will begin to act in ways that will create the vision of what is possible for yourself and you will be a force to empower your relationship to grow.