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In this episode, I interview the CEO of MoveThinkSmile Adam Von Ins about the impact a successful career can have on your energy and your relationship.  Often times a successful career can mean you’re working around the clock (mentally or physically) and without realizing it you are dangerously close to burnout.   When your work-life equation is out of balance, your relationship will often suffer as well.  Join us today to learn what the signs of burnout are and how to increase your energy, impact, and freedom.  

www.movethinksmile.com or https://www.facebook.com/movethinksmile/about

Today I have the honor and pleasure of interviewing Sarah K. Ramsey. Sarah is a Life Strategist, Toxic Relationship Strategist, and Author of Toxic Person Proof. She’s been featured in medium, thrive global, better after 50, and many more media publications. You can find more information about her Wondrous Woman program and the Bounce Back Better Mastermind.  She’s joining me today to talk about toxic relationships and how friends and family just don’t understand how you ended up in a toxic relationship? This is interview is a must if you are in a toxic relationship or you know of someone in your circle who is in a toxic relationship. It’s truly eye-opening.

In this episode, I interview Cherlyn Chong. Cherlyn is a dating and executive coach, who has been featured in mindbodygreen, elitedaily, theleague dating app, business insider, and many many more. Cherlyn helps high-achieving professional women get over their ex boyfriends or husbands, get back in control of their lives, and find love again. She has two programs to choose from: get over him and the get him program. You can learn more about Cherlyn and how to get over a toxic relationship, feel confident and fearless, and get the love you really desire by joining her free Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/getoverhimor by going to her website: www.stepstohappyness.com

In this episode, I interview Sarah Wallace.  She’s an Enneagram and Visibility Coach.  We discuss how an Enneagram test can help you to learn more about your personality.   You’ll find the Enneagram very insightful and you’ll be able to use it to help your marriage get stronger and more intimate.  You can learn more about the test by going to sarahlynnco.com/dreammarriage. 

In today’s episode, I have the privilege of speaking with Elea Faucheron co-founder of Movethinksmile and Author of MoveThinkSmile: Burnout to Badass.  Elea is here today to share her mindset tools and wisdom on what to do when you can’t get out of negative emotions by simply thinking positive. We discuss what happens to your body when you hit burnout and how it impacts your mood and ultimately your relationship. Let’s give Elea a warm welcome for taking the time to join the Manifest your dream marriage podcast.


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