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Give Me Six Weeks and I'll Show You How to Get Back the Passion and Connection in Your Marriage That You Desire and Deserve. 

Does this sound

like you?

You're a therapist, spiritual leader, or career professional who works hard to achieve success in all areas of life, but your marriage feels more like co-parents than soulmates.

Here's the cold-hard truth, your marriage is heading for a divorce if you any of these apply to you: 

You feel like there is an invisible power struggle between you and your spouse.

You love helping others and you work long hours, but your own marriage is falling apart.   

You feel more like business partners than best friends and you miss having an intimate connection. 

You don't feel as important to your spouse as you once did and you're self-esteem is taking a hit. 

You have tried couples therapy and you still think, feel, and behave the same as ever. 

You are blaming your partner for most of the problems in your marriage.

You are having trouble seeing all the good things about your spouse and you obsess about the negative. 

You think that you can figure out how to fix your marriage on your own and you don't need help from anyone else. 

You are beginning to worry and fear that your marriage is ending. 

You think that if only your spouse would...cherish you, love you, adore you...You would be happy.

What If I Told You That Most High-Achieving Women Who Dream of Getting Back to Their Wedding Bliss Face One Hidden Obstacle That Keeps Their Dream of Passion and Connection Out of Reach.

It's You!



The Problem:

The "Blame Game" is a way of thinking about your marriage that sets you up to fail. One that puts high-achieving women on the path to frustration, resentment, and struggle.  

It's what keeps you working "hard" to get what you want out of marriage. 

It's what causes you sleepless nights, hurt feelings, and anxiousness about your future.

It's what leads to all your stress...putting off taking care of yourself and your kids the way you know you should be doing.


  • You're like most struggling married women, then chances are, you're operating from the "it's not me, it's you" belief.


  • With the belief that "your partner is the one who has to change," your success of getting what you want is solely dependent on your spouse changing.


    So, if you're sick and tired of waiting for your spouse to magically change, it's time to ditch the "blame game" or stay stuck in your old pattern of being dissatisfied with your marriage.

  • what's going to happen to your marriage if you don't start showing up as your higher self?

Your Higher Self Shows Up Very Differently Than Your Lower Self...

The lower self thinks problems are scary...Higher Self Women see opportunities for growth.

The lower self feels like a victim and the Higher Self steps into her full victorious power.  

The lower self is terrified of judgement and rejection...the Higher Self knows her worth and accepts and loves herself unconditionally.

The lower self is constantly trying to control or manipulate the situation to make herself feel better.  The Higher Self knows how to let go and regulate her emotional state.

The lower self is constantly seeking solutions...the Higher Self knows exactly what to do and takes actions.

The lower self displays a false sense of confidence...the Higher Self has unshakable confidence. 

The lower self feels confused and uncertain...the Higher Self knows how to follow her intuition with certainty. 

The lower self believes that marriage is hard, communication is hard, and change is hard...the Higher Self knows that everything can be easy. 

It's Time to Step Into Your Highest Self

  • It's time to get out of your own way and step into the best version you can become.
  • It's time to stop protecting your heart and be vulnerable again with your partner. 
  • It's time to rise above the bs and take control of your own happiness.
  • It's time to live in the present moment looking forward to the future. 
  • It's time to love yourself like your life depends on it, because it does!
  • It's time to forgive and let go of past mistakes. 
  • But here's the thing: You have to choose love over fear.


    • Imagine what it would feel like to restore your connection, have toe-curling sex, go on hot date nights, and share vulnerably with your spouse?

    • Imagine having compassion, commitment, and consistency in your marriage. 

    • Imagine feeling sexy, important, and in love again. 

    But Making That Change on Your Own

    Is Harder Than You Think!

    It seems like a pretty straightforward solution, doesn't it? 

    Just Start Operating From Your Higher Self and Reap the Rewards, right?


    When it comes to how we believe, think, and act...you can't see your own blind spots.

    It goes way deeper than what you "think" you need to change about yourself.  Let me explain what I mean...and why it's important to you. 

    If you're honest with yourself, you know you have a few flaws.  Even if you know what you need to change, chances are that you are still struggling to see any changes and your marriage hasn't seen much improvement.  Imagine how difficult it is to change your blind spots.

    So, what do educated women keep doing? They keep trying to "learn" more about what they already know they need to change.  

    So, it's rinse and repeat from there. Before you know it, you've tried therapy and read all the self-help books out there.  You're working harder on your marriage than ever.  And all that for little to no progress in your marriage.

    So, here's the million dollar question...

    If you know what you're supposed to do to get the results you want, why do you still struggle to get them?

    Why doesn't learning more information change your results?

    It's driven by the fact that you can't see your blind spots. 

    You've got sabotaging patterns that you aren't even aware of that are stopping you from having the love you want. 

    Deep down you have beliefs that you aren't important and/or good enough. 

    You've got an inner critic that is keeping you in a vicious cycle of self-doubt. 

    You are blaming your partner for most of the problems in your marriage.

    You are having trouble seeing all the good things about your spouse and you obsess about the negative. 

    You think that you can figure out how to fix your marriage on your own and you don't need help from an expert. 

    You think that if only your spouse would...cherish you, love you, adore you...

    You would be happy.

    Become Your Best Self | Danyell Adamski
    • Your husband is reflecting back to you exactly what you need to focus on within yourself!

    • If you aren't getting the love, passion, or connection you desire it's because you have an invisible barrier that's blocking it.

    • Once you become aware of the invisible barriers you have, you can bust through them and Restore the Connection and Passion in Your Marriage. 

    And I Will Help You Make That Transformation...


    Danyell Adamski's

    Marriage Mastery

    Marriage Mastery Isn't Just a "Marriage Course" Like All the Others You May Have Taken.


    Transform Your Marriage From The Inside Out

    12-CORE Training Modules

    Each module contains short videos specifically designed to move you forward in your transformation.  

    12-Core Exercise Workbooks

    Each module contains short exercises and sprint challenges to help you operate from your highest self. 

    12-Recorded Q&A

    Each module contains the common questions I get asked during my VIP private coaching

    A Team of Coaches That Have Your Back

    You're not alone in this journey - Our team of support, accountability, and relationship coaches are here to help you succeed. 

    Course Sections



    Section 1: Inner Mastery (Modules 1-4)

    1. Your marriage is a reflection of you in more ways than you think.  That means that when you struggle, your marriage struggles.  Your struggles come from your beliefs, your mindset, and your emotional state.   
    2. In this section you will uncover your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from making any real change in your marriage.  We will reprogram your limiting beliefs using the same exercises that I use with my VIP clients to quickly get you unstuck.  
    3. You'll learn how to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and uncover where you are not optimizing your mindset to your fullest potential.   We will uncover your bs stories that keep your mind going in circles.  
    4. We dive deep into your emotional parts and heal the recurring hurts and trauma from years ago.  This session alone will give you the clarity on why you keep experiencing the same pain and frustrations again and again. 

    Section 2: Marriage Mastery (Modules 5-8)

    In this section we focus on the #1 problem most people have in their marriage, which is communication.   We learn the power of words and how to use your words to break through the communication barriers that you currently have.   

    We take a look at the primary love languages and the mistakes women make when using them.  I'll turn your idea of the love language on it's head and show you how my clients are able to use them to get what they want. 

    We focus on our intimacy and rebuilding any broken trust or resentment.  We take passion to the next level and learn what it takes to keep the fire hot in the bedroom. 


    Section 3: Manifesting Mastery (Modules 9-12)

    I'll explain how you can amplify your feminine energy to tap into a man's primal desires. You'll learn what you've been doing that has been depleting your sexual energy and what you need to do to revive desire for toe-curling sex. 

    You'll learn what manifesting is and you'll identify how you are blocking an abundance of love, passion, and connection in your marriage.  

    We all have sabotaging behaviors and in this lesson we will uncover what you're doing that has you taking one step forward and two steps back. 

    By the end of the 12 Modules, you'll have completely transformed the way you think about yourself and your marriage.   You'll get back to feeling passion and connection again in your marriage. 

    Marriage Mastery isn't Just Videos & Exercises...

    You'll Get 6 Live Group Coaching Calls With Danyell


    On this call, we will a good hard look at your beliefs, fears, and worries that have been programmed into your life, how they've been preventing you from achieving what you want, and what it takes to program habits that lead to your success.


    We will go deep into any pain that you've been carrying around for days, months, years, or decades.  You'll release any old heavy energy that has been keeping you from letting go and moving forward with your life.


    Master your feminine energy and learn how to harness the power of the feminine to receive an abundant of love and passion again.   


    People often ask me how I make marriage look easy and how I'm able to get so much done.  In this call, I'll show you how anyone can have a carefree, easy-going, and fun marriage while running a business and raising kids. 


    Learn how to communicate in a caring, compassionate, and way that builds trust and restores vulnerability between you and your spouse.


    Amplify your connection to the universal laws and learn how to manifest your dream marriage and life with this advanced training.

    But that's not all you get...

    There are a lot of programs and course out there that promise you similar results.  The truth is that Marriage Mastery has a proven track record because we hold you accountable to do the work and we support you during your journey.

    Meet Your Success Team







    Bonus #1

    I've Got A Few Bonuses For You!

    Bonus #1: Understanding Men Workshop

    Walk away knowing EXACTLY why a man does what he does, what inspires your man to want to make you happy, & get back the passion.

    Finally understand how to get your husband to "want" to do what you "need."

    Learn why your husband acts the way he does and how to fix your marriage

    Bonus #2

    I've Got Another Bonus For You!

    Bonus #2: Love Abundantly Workshop

    You know you need to love yourself, but how do you take loving yourself to the next level? 

    This workshop teaches you how to amplify your confidence, so that you can feel comfortable in your skin and radiate positivity. 

    Bonus #3

    I've Got One More Gift For You!

    Bonus #3: Marriage Mastery Giftbox

    Do you love to write on 'real' paper? Me too! In this gift box is the Marriage Mastery workbook, a three month Marriage Mastery Manifesting journal, a beautiful tea mug, a blank journal, an elegant pen, and a love note from me. 

    Happy customers

    Allison Schoeneck

    CEO of Baby Clothing Co. 

    I'm WAY more positive personally and better communication.

    What I also got was a completely renewed perspective on life. I'm WAYY more positive personally - I have a new found spirituality where I feel confident the universe is working for me. I was able to heal a lot of my personal issues related to romantic relationships. I'm able to have control over my thoughts and emotions - not perfect, but enough to be able to be happy and calm almost every day. I'm even seeing colors more vividly. I got so much more than I even asked for.

    Kelly L. 


    Better communication and working with each other again.

    The biggest transformation we had as a couple was learning about ourselves and how to met our personal needs and manage stress. We learned how to be better for ourselves and each other and how to have a more positive outlook. We have more empathy for one another and work better to understand, communicate and work with each other not against each other.

    Jen M. 

    Yoga Instructor and Business Owner

    Danyell's program is better than several years of therapy.

    My biggest transformation has been uncovering my limiting beliefs and understanding how they have guided me through every decision I’ve made in my life. My limiting beliefs have hindered my communication skills and if caused me to be controlling and critical in an attempt to make myself feel safe. I made many poor decisions based on my limiting beliefs. I knew I had “low self-esteem“ but I had no idea how to fix it. Danyell‘s program gave me more insight on how to better myself within 3 months than I ever got over several years of talk therapy.

    Marriage Mastery is Designed to Meet Your Goals

    Marriage Mastery is designed to meet your goals of better communication, improve connection, and increase passion.  In addition, the program is designed to increase peace, joy, and love for self and everyone that you interact with on a daily basis. 





    The Real "Secret" That Makes Marriage Mastery So Transformative

    Marriage Mastery is focused on EXECUTION, not learning.

    It shows you exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it...

    Without the guesswork! 

    Bite Size Lessons For Busy Professional Moms

    If you're like me, you're a smart successful business owner or career professional with a lot on your plate.  This program is specifically designed for the busy professional, so this program should take about 30 minutes each day to watch the videos and do the homework.  

    group experience




    • 12 Core Training Modules
    • 12 Core Exercise Workbooks
    • 12 Pre-recorded Q&A 
    • Accountability Coach
    • 6 Live Group Coaching Calls
    • 6 Live Peer Support Calls
    • Understanding Men Workshop
    • Love Abundantly Workshop
    • Gift Box



    WORK 1 ON 1 WITH A




    • 12 Core Training Modules
    • 12 Core Exercise Workbooks
    • 12 Pre-recorded Q&A
    • Access to Our Amazing Team
    • 6 Live Group Coaching Calls
    • Understanding Men Workshop
    • Love Abundantly Workshop
    • Gift Box
    • 6 Weeks of 1-to-1 Coaching w/your Marriage Mastery Coach
    money back
    100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

    If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing program, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase.  Just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.  But full disclosure...all you have to do is prove to me that you did all the work and attended the live group sessions (or watched the replays).  I do this because I know that nothing works if you don't use it.  


    Your most popular questions, answered:

    Below is a list of the most common questions I've been asked.  If for some reason you don't see your question, just reach out to me personally and I'll make sure to answer your questions (danyell@danyelladamski.com)

    what makes the members of marriage mastery and all the testimonials i've seen so sucessful? 

    Marriage Mastery was specifically crafted with the busy professional woman in mind.  What makes THIS program different than any course you've ever taken can be broken down into three reasons: #1 Mindset, #2 Accountability, and #3 Focus.

    I'm on the verge of divorce, is this still a good fit for me? 

    Absolutely!  This course will help you to be calm, cool, and collected during challenging times.  Plus, what you learn here may bring your spouse back to the table to discuss reconciliation.   Many clients of mine have been able to restore the connection with their spouse once they have learned how to communicate effectively. 

    This sounds overwhelming, how much time will this course take to implement? 

    The course is not the type of program that you will want to rush through to complete, unless your marriage is in a crisis.  Typically you should expect to spend 30 minutes / day.  If your marriage is in crisis, you will want to devote more time to implement the strategies in your marriage quickly.   You will have lifetime access, so you can go through the online program over and over again.  

    Is there any support available if i get stuck? 

    As a member of Marriage Mastery, I want you to know that "I've got your back!" You have a few ways to get the support and feedback you need! #1 The Private Facebook Group, #2 Your Live Group Coaching Calls, and #3 My Support Team. 

    can my partner do the program with me? 

    Yes, And I encourage it! I understand the power of working as a team and would love to see you and your spouse work collectively to create Marriage Mastery. 

    Boost Your Relationship Skills. Join 1,000+ Students

    It's finally your turn to learn the relationship skills needed to restore passion, connection, and friendship again.

    Hi, I'm Danyell Adamski

    Here's the truth.  You have to ask yourself one vital question that will determine whether your marriage succeeds or fails.  Am I going to be 100% responsible for my part in this marriage? If so, this program will be the key to your success.  I look forward to see you in the program.