1.) Value Beliefs That Support a Great Relationship

You will need to have enough self-awareness to first know what your beliefs about yourself, relationship, money, kids, career, etc.  Every belief is supported by specific thoughts and stories you tell yourself.  Often times are beliefs are so strong that nothing will shake our belief and then there are times when we feel like we believe a particular thing and find out that we must not believe that anymore. 

Valuing your beliefs that support having a great relationship means that you will stand behind what you believe and support it with your thoughts and actions.  If you believe that relationships should be exciting, passionate, and loving then your actions must align with your beliefs.  If you believe that you are passionate lovers, align your thoughts and beliefs to support being passionate lovers.  

If your beliefs have been compromised, it’s imperative that you get in alignment with what you believe to achieve the relationship of your dreams.  You can not have what your beliefs do not support.

Only when you align your beliefs with a dream marriage will you have the dream.

2.) Value Your Commitments

Marriage can be a long road of pain if marriage commitments are not valued.  You must know what you are committed to doing and what you are not committed to and stick to them as if your life depended on it.  

If one partner loses hope and faith in the relationship, the one with the most commitment needs to hang in there and show the other person they are 100% committed to and have faith in the relationship.  

There are seasons to most marriages, some are rough seasons and some are easy.   During the tough season in a relationship there often is one partner who is in fear and doubt.  This is the time when you must double down on your commitment and trust that your relationship is worth fixing and that it can weather this season.  

If you hold strong to your commitment you will have a higher probability of weathering this tough time.  If you fall victim to allowing their negativity to bring you doubt and insecurity, you likely will be unable to recover from such tough times.

It’s important to recommit to being 100% committed to your relationship commitments.

3.) Value Your Growth

Every relationship will experience growth.  Sometimes this growth will come with growing pains.  When a muscle builds, it must first break down, and as you grow there will be a falling away or breaking down of old paradigms and you will grow into a new relationship with your beloved.  

All relationships will grow and evolve.  It’s just the way nature has intended it to be, so don’t expect any less.   In fact, value this process or growth.  People with a growth mindset look at change as an opportunity to learn something new or see things from a different perspective. As you evolve, so will your relationships.   You should value this process, even if it seems long and uncomfortable. 

I fully understand wanting to go fast, but it’s more important to go at the pace you need to go at to fully fix what is not serving your highest self or supporting your dream marriage.  Resist the urge to rush your progress because you will end up repeating the same mistakes and your growth will take twice as long.  

Value all the education you are receiving as you grow into your highest self and live from a soul-aligned identity.

4.) Value Your Connection

Value what you have together.  Building a strong connection that is unbreakable is going to take some effort on your part, so value what you have and be grateful for it.  The connection is strong during the honeymoon phase of a relationship. 

Then, life will set in and the excitement often fades and habits that kept you excited and in love fall off the priority list.  When you value the connection between you, it’s easy to keep the connection going strong throughout the relationship. 

If the connection is broken or needs repairing, you will need to take massive action to reconnect with your beloved.   Connecting and valuing the effort that you put into creating a playful, fun, passionate, and soul-fulling connection should be a priority in your relationship.