1.) How self-aware am I?

Only 15% of the population is self-aware even though most people think they are.   Self-awareness is knowing oneself.  Knowing your strengths and weakness, knowing your limiting and empowering beliefs, negative and positive stories, and emotional balances and imbalances.    Having self-awareness helps you to easily uncover what you are naturally good at doing and what you might want to stay away from.   The question to ask yourself to find your purpose is to ask, “what do I easily do that others find it difficult to do?”  So, perhaps you easily manage money and it’s so easy for you that you don’t even think about the complexity of it because for you it comes naturally. Perhaps you are great with your hands and you naturally gravitate towards fixing other people’s motorcycle, bike, or car.   Perhaps you are the go-to person for relationship advice and you easily and effortlessly know what to say to help your friend in their relationship.  

2.) What is your greatest contribution?

We all have special gifts that are god-given or godly cultivated.  As you are thinking about your passion, the next question I would ask you is “what have you helped other people to achieve or avoid?”   One gift that I was given was a painful relationship past and this past set me up to be empathetic to other people struggling to love themselves and find true love in their partner.   This gift has helped me to create a positive difference in other peoples’ lives by helping them achieve true love and purpose.

3.) What is holding you back and when did it start?

Fear stops most people dead in their tracks when trying to achieve a dream that is on their hearts.   The greatest achievement can be to fight the fear and do it anyway.  Fear is just false evidence appearing real and is often a key indicator that you are moving in the right direction.   If you can find when you used to do something (without getting paid) and you enjoyed doing that thing, but no longer do that thing, it’s most likely the thing that you need to do again because it’s part of your purpose.   Say for example that you loved writing poetry and when your boyfriend didn’t respond exactly how you thought he should to your beautiful poem you stopped writing poetry.    So, identify that thing you used to do and the fear that stops you from doing it now.

4.) What’s the one thing that you could do for hours without a break?

We all have that one thing that time goes by so fast when we are doing it that we forget to use the bathroom or get something to eat or drink.  You know that thing that you do that you lose all track of time?  It’s that one thing that you can do everyday and feel completely happy doing it? Once you find the thing that you can do all day, ask yourself why you enjoy doing it?   I could spend all day reading and writing down all that I have learned.  I naturally seek solutions and read a book a week (if not more) to learn how to be a better version of me.  I love writing and can sit down and journal out all my thoughts and feelings for hours.   So, when I thought that writing wasn’t for me, I realized that I had a fear of not being a good writer.   I decided to follow my passion for writing and I wrote a book called: The Power of a Growth Mindset: The Journey to Emotional Freedom.  I wrote this book because I solved my own internal problems and I naturally enjoy helping others solve their problems too.  

5.) What is the one hobby that you’ve been meaning to start doing, but are making excuses on why you can’t do it right now?  

This one thing would bring you joy and you are not doing it because of some excuse…could be time.   Whatever the excuse, pretend today is the day that you had all the time in the world to practice your new hobby.    Regret is a funny thing.  You don’t want to get to the end of your life and regret not taking that salsa lesson, or learning to play the piano, or learning a foreign language.   This new hobby could be exactly what your soul has been nudging you to do.  Who knows what possibilities await you when you learn a new hobby.