1st Law – Responsibility

Whenever there is something wrong in our relationship, we have to take full responsibility for it.  The universal truth is that your surroundings are simply a mirror reflecting back a belief, thought, or emotion we ourselves need to take a good look at.   We are the company that we keep and if we aren’t happy with the person we are with, it’s an opportunity to look within at what we are unhappy with ourselves.  Often times we have similar characteristics, but our ego stands in the way of us seeing the behavior or trait in ourselves.   Other times we have a strong desire to have what our intimate partner has.   We must take full accountability for getting to know ourselves at the deepest level to uncover where we might have blind spots that negatively impact our relationship.

2nd Law – Giving

You have to give what you want to get.  At the beginning of relationships, it’s easy to want to give freely to our beloved.  Once we feel hurt, we often recoil into the victim loop and our heart hurts.  We want them to apologize, make amends, and restore our love for them.  The ego stands in the way and we don’t always get what we want.  When that happens, we hold back on the amount of love that we give our beloved.  We may want to punish them for hurting us.   This is one way a relationship slowly erodes over time.  It’s like chopping down a tree one ax swing at a time.   This law is about giving to ourselves the apology and love that we seek in other people.  It’s about giving to our spouse even if our EGO is bruised and we would rather be angry and hurt.  It’s about giving FORGIVENESS to yourself and your partner and aligning with your highest self.

3rd Law – Patience and Reward

True joy is the process of growing.   It’s easy to fall in love.  They call it falling in love for a reason…because it’s easy to do.  It takes hardly any effort on your part and you can’t control it.   Once the chemical high wears off (typically around year 2 or 3), you’ve got just love starring you in the face every day.  That’s when the rose-colored glasses come off and you’re wondering where is the person you fell in love with.  They are right in front of you and you can recreate those magical feelings with a bit of effort.  The process of recreating the excitement again can be very joyful.  The rewards of being patient with your spouse and working towards the common goal of recreating excitement will be more rewarding than any other achievement or accolades you received from working years in your profession.  When you focus on being patient, the beautiful reward is your Dream Relationship!

4th Law – Significance and Reward

This law is about valuing your beloved and delighting in them.  Every thought, feeling, and action you direct towards your beloved will have an impact either positive or negative.  So, the thoughts you secretly keep to yourself are actually felt on a vibrational level.   Remember when you thought that your lover was perfect?  Go back to that place and recreate those thoughts all over again and watch how easy your relationship becomes.  Remember to always bring loving contributions of significance and importance to your partner and you will reap the benefits of happy relationship.

5th Law – Connection

The Law of Connection – Your relationship needs connection because every past has a present and a future.  You can’t have a present without the future.  Your love story has a connection that will weave through all of your relationship.  It’s important to not lose your connection during your relationship and if you have, it’s important to regain your connection.  The small things that you did in the beginning of your courtship created a strong bond between you two.  If over the years you decided not to take those actions anymore, the connection begins to loosen.  I don’t believe that we ever lose a connection energetically with anyone unless we do energy work to cut the cords and sever all ties.  Assuming you haven’t done that, you are still connected to your partner energetically.   The actions that you took to create physical and intimate connection are the same actions that you need to do throughout your lives.

6th Law – Focus

You cannot be angry and happy at the same time.  You cannot be living from your highest self and lowest self at the same time…you’re either attached to ego or living in spirit.   If you are judging your beloved, you are focusing on the wrong part of your partner.  You are focusing on their lower self; however, if you are focusing on their highest self you will be happy.   If you want your relationship to thrive and not just survive, you have to live from your highest self and focus on your partner’s highest self too.

7th Law – Change

History will repeat itself.  It does not matter who you are with, you will repeat the same experiences with the other person.  You must learn from your patterns and break them or your life will continue to show you experiences and people that give you warnings or clues to work on yourself.   I know it may be hard to hear, but it’s true.  You must work on receiving the lessons or nothing will ever change.